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Miracle Eagle Box New Update


Miracle Eagle Eye Box New Update V2.40

Released on 11-11 2016

Released Version V2.40

 Miracle 2.40 Eagle Eye Box Released New Update V2.40 This Miracle Eagle Eye Box 
Released New Update V2.39 This Software how to MTK CPU , SPD CPU , Android CPU , 
Samsung , Huawei , CDMA / LG , And More Options

Detals Options

  1. MTK : in this Read Info , Flashing , Read Flash , Write Flash , Formot , RD Unlock/IMEI , BadSoftware , Ad Anti Theft , Rd TeiBK , Wr TeiBK , NV Read , Bad Factory , Network Unlock ,   NV Write , Clear Code (ADB) , Read Code (SAM) , Unlock Bootloader , Unlock (SIM) , File Unlock  Replace Char , Resat Code , Read Pattern , Clear Anti Thef , ROOT , Resarore ROOT , Read FhoneBook , FIX DL Mode , Open USB Debug , Read Network Code , Mircale AV , Clear Setting / FRP
  2. Android : in this Clear Code , Read Info , Reboot Recovery , Wipe /Factory Resat , Resat Gmail , Read Pattern



Added New on Version 2.38

1.MTK Improve MT67xx Write and Format.
2.SPD SC9830 EMMC Add New Mobile Support.
3.MTK Flasher Improve and Add Auto Read Firmware Info.
4.Android Add Wipe Dalvik-Cache (ADB)
5.Android Add Root Method2 (ADB)
6.Android Add Repair IMEI (Fastboot)
7.Android Add Repair MEID (Fastboot)
8.Android Add File-Lock (Fastboot)
9.Android Add Get-Token (Fastboot)
10.Android Add Goto-RUU (Fastboot)
11.Software Fix Some Bugs

Added New on Version 2.40

1.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Anti Piracy Support
2.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Phone Lock Support .
3.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Account Lock Support .
5.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read/Write Support .
6.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Reset Code/Clear Anti-Theft Support .
7.MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read PhoneBook/Clear FRP Support .
8.MTK Add Sign Firmware Write Support .


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